Hello! It's been a long time since we made our last icon battle with naive_astronaut and here we are with another one!
[01-10] - The Vampire Diaries
[11-20] - Teen Wolf
[21-30] - Once Upon A Time
[31-40] - Glee

before_water x 2 || naive_astronaut x 2
Wonderfu naive_astronaut's icons are poste here  at brazen_water

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MA| sunshine


Hi! I'm so sorry that I haven't posted here for very long period of time. I was very busy with my studying (much busier than always). 90% of these icons were made last year ( even in autumn) so you may have already seen them somewhere.
[12] stock
[8] the vampire diaries
[4] once upon a time
[6] Harry Potter
[7] other (Bones, Teen Wolf, Misfits, Downton Abbey)
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Hello, guys! I'm sorry I haven't posted since the end of May, because I've been very very busy  - exams and I've found my first job ( that I don't like to much) I thought that 30 icons is not enough to post but I can't wait no more so here they are.
glee, tvd, lots, HP, Downton Abbey and... some textures I made just for myself but then one nice girl said that I should share them :)
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Ask The Maker || My Thread


01-20 Downton Abbey season 2 for R18 at 20inspirations
21-26 Downton Abbey, The Borgias, Pretty Little Liars, Game of Thrones
27-30 The Vampire Diaries
31-34 The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast
35-37 Alice in Wonderland
38-40 Harry Potter
41-47 stock


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Hello, guys. I know that I haven't been posting here for very long time, but I was very busy with studying project so now I'm working on Downton Abbey season 2 b&w icons for 20inspirations. I've already made 14  16 icons and I need more caps so if you have any please post them and I'll be glad to use them. Also I'm planning to delete my own psd's because I don't use them anymore so if you need some of them just ask. I do not share them because I don't think anyone needs or wants them or they're interesting etc. I'm having some free time for about a week and I'm able to make some request - if you wish you can give me some caps or stock photos or celebs' photoshoots.
small preview

love you all

15|| 58 icons

20 Once upon a time icons for ROUND 16 @ 20inspirations
10 glee icons
+ Downton Abbey, Game of thrones, fringe, merlin
Never let me go, The Duchess, HP
fashion and stock  
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